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Free Directory Of

Mobile Technicians


Important Information including

RV Recalls.


Free Directory of RV Inspectors! 

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without a pre-purchase inspection!


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This newsletter was created to bring awareness to folks like you that love the RV Life! So many of us have been traveling and enjoying the views just to get to our destination and something go wrong! Being from Texas, the heat can be, well HORRIBLE! You don’t want to be stuck somewhere with no A.C or what if your water heater goes out, or your awning won't roll out, or worse, your slide refuses to budge! The point is, anything can happen! Even though we all live in a world with a ton of technology there is still areas of the United States that don’t have internet service. Which is great to have a peaceful and relaxing time but how are you going to locate a technician when something goes wrong?

What if the WIFI you have only allowed calls or text? What if you can’t search the web?

That’s when this newsletter kicks in! You can either download the recent version or even print the newsletter out! That way, when something goes wrong, you can still call or text for help!


Being a wife of a RV Technician I wanted to produce something to help others. I travel a lot going to horse shows and even though I can fix a lot myself, sometimes I need more help. My husband isn’t always able to go with me, and

Google isn’t always that helpful. Having a directory of RV Technician’s has helped me in the past, and hopefully it will help you in the future!


Subscribe for no cost! Yep, I said it! It's Free! Check out our Newsletter sponsors. They keep the newsletter FREE! 

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