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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the Newsletter cost? 

A: The newsletter is 100% Free, thanks to our sponsors! 

Q: Where can I get the Newsletter?

A: There is a couple of different ways. 1) You can become a member of the Mobile RV Technician Newsletter website and receive live updates when there is techs/information added. Or 2) You can join the mailing subscriptions and receive the Newsletter around the 20th of each month. 

Q: Are there RV Shops listed?

A: The newsletter name says it all, MOBILE. 

Dealers, RV Shops, Stores etc are not listed unless they provide Mobile RV Repair Services. This newsletter was created to promote the Mobile Professionals of the RV industry. No need to haul to a shop or loose your home on wheels for weeks on end. Contact a Mobile tech today to save time & money. 

Q: How the Mobile RV Technician Newsletter lists traveling technicians & Inspectors?

A: Traveling technicians and Inspectors are listed under the locations during a designated time frame. These dates are normally provided a month in advance due to the newsletter being sent out on the 20th of each month. For example: April's edition will be sent March 20th, May's edition will be sent out on April 20th.

Once the date has passed, the location and date is removed from the newsletter. 

Q: Are there other websites or newsletters where I can get more RV NEWS?

A: The voice of the RV Industry is RV NEWS. You can visit RVNEWS.COM or click here to subscribe to their newsletter

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